God Whispers

I always want to try and be attentive to what the Spirit is saying to His people in this time. They are critical times we are living in. The Word says He speaks in a still small voice. The earthquake and fires are what the world will hear and see; but not us. That is, if we are listening.

I think too many times we are in God’s way instead of helping Him. We want to help Him. We work hard to please Him. The truth is; He doesn’t need our help. We need His. He has said “without Me, you can do nothing”. So how do we help God; by getting out of His way. He is looking for vessels that He might fill. We must empty ourselves that He might fill us. He must increase, but I must decrease. He has said His strength is made perfect in weakness.

Several years back God dropped a melody in my heart. I can’t sound the melody here, but I will give you one of the verses. “There remains a sabbath rest that I will lead you to. It’s where all your works have ended and my Spirit reigns in you.” That is truly our sabbath rest.

So listen for what the Spirit is saying. He wants to talk and fellowship with you more than you think. He is the comforter, but He is also the fire of God. Become that yielded vessel that He is seeking. Go where He says go. Speak when He says speak. Stop when He says stop. He goes where ever He will like the wind. If He cannot stir your branches, He will move on to where He can.

I went a little longer in this blog than I normally intend to, but I felt led to say all this. Become His yielded vessel. It will be joy unspeakable and full of glory. The latter glory will be greater. You can be one who causes sinners to fall down in conviction because of the Holy Spirit in you. Maranatha!

Take me home please.