Why a Blog?

I know what you’re going to say. “Why would anyone be interested in what you are saying?” I say the same thing about people who publish details about their whole lives; like what they had for breakfast. I promise, we will make this a different kind of blog. We will be keeping 10 blog listings before they truncate off.

I know there will be times the Lord will be laying something on my heart. Perhaps He will be talking to you also and that will serve as confirmation for you. Perhaps there will be times I feel there is an urgent prayer request that needs attention from the body of Christ. Whatever the case may be, I promise not to fill this space with things that do not concern the Lord. Isn’t that all that really matters anyway? For that reason (and that alone) I hope you will refer back here frequently.

I believe there will be difficult times ahead; even for the body of Christ; perhaps especially for us. We know this world is not our home and the world hates us. They will be coming for us because they see in us what they do not have; the peace of God which passes understanding; the confidence that comes from knowing the Lord. Let us take every opportunity we can to encourage each other. Until we meet again, God be with you all.

Take me home please.